Payment methods

Payment methods

1) By credit or debit card, by site to redirect to  Eurobank bank.

2)Via Paypal at e-mail

3) Deposit in Bank

If you do not have a credit card you can pay the price of your purchases at any of the following of our accounts and send the bank receipt by e-mail at the transaction receipt to and  when we  receive the copy, we will send your order.

NATIONAL BANK IBAN GR2001102530000025300226831 / SWIFT ETHNGRAA

EUROBANK IBAN GR6502602110000620200782688 / SWIFT ERBKGRAA

PIRAEUS BANK GR9401722300005230098712112/SWIFT PIRBGRAA

Account owner : Moustakas Apostolos


4) Credit card  via telephone order (mail order)

There is the possibility of payment by debit and credit card, we accept Visa, Mastercard Maestro (POS National Bank)